2005 Nov - Chile/Argentina

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Nov 28 - Ferry across Reloncavi Estuary and cycling to Puelo

Nov 29 - Cycling along Estuario de Reloncavi

Nov 29 - Saltos del Petrohue and Hotel Ensenada

Nov 30 - Leaving Chile, entering Argentina and heading for Bariloche

Dec 1 - Cycling round Lago Nahuel Huapi

Dec 2nd - Cycle down the Enchanted Valley

Dec 2nd - Viewpoint over Lago Traful

Dec 6th - Travelling back to Argentinian border

Dec 8th - Cycling to Melipueco

Dec 9th - Setting off for Parque Nacional Conguillio

Dec 9th - Cycling up to Lago Verde and back

Dec 9th - Meal out in Temuco

Dec 10th - Flying to Santiago and walking round Plaza de Armas

Dec 11th - Up to Cerro san Cristobel

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